College Council

The college council consisting of Heads of Dept. and four elected representatives of the teaching staff has been constituted to advise and assist the Principal in the academic and internal matters. The Principal shall preside over the sitting of the Council. In the absence of the Principal, a nominee of the Principal shall preside over the meeting. The council will elect one of its members as the Secretary for a term of one year. The secretary shall give notice of the meeting of the council and keep the minutes of the proceedings.

Name of Members in the College Council.

No. Name Designation
 1. Dr. SuJatha. S Principal
 2. Smt Manju V.S. HOD, English
 3. Dr. Rajalakshmi S. HOD, Malayalam
 4. Dr. Jyothi Balakrishnan HOD, Hindi
 5. Dr. E.B. Sureshkumar HOD, History
 6. Dr. R.Samala HOD, Politics
 7. Dr. M.V. Suresh HOD, Economics
 8. Dr. P.S. Nagamony HOD, Philosophy
 9. Smt. Deepthy Sreedhar HOD, Mathematics
 10. Dr. K. Unnikrishnan HOD, Physics
 11. Sri. Rajeev N.G HOD, Chemistry
 12. Dr. M.R. Renuka HOD, Zoology
 13. Dr. Anilkumar. V.V. HOD, Commerce
 14. Dr. Manoj HOD, Physical Education
 15. Dr. P.K. Padmakumar HOD, Botany
 16. Dr. C.S. Ajithkumar Dept. of Hindi
 17. Dr.Sheeba V.T. Dept. of Economics
 18.  Dr. T.P. Vinu (Secretary) Dept. of Physics